Base Salary

Base Salary
Building and Maintaining a Solid Foundation

An organization’s Base Salary Program is the infrastructure on which all compensation decisions are based. In the development of your Base Salary Program we will review critical components of your current practices, identify appropriate external benchmarks, understand relationships between job functions and levels, and provide a customized engagement that reflects your unique organizational needs.

Our objective is to help you increase employee perception of internal fairness and external competitiveness, optimize and effectively manage your fixed compensation costs, and provide flexibility and scalability to meet the changing needs of your organization.

Our consulting engagement will address four major elements:

  1. Job analysis – job descriptions, job classification, job structure, role definition, career paths, job titles, FLSA compliance, etc.
  2. Job levels – criteria, compensable factors, level descriptors and a scoring mechanism if desired, etc.
  3. Compensation structure – salary ranges, market data, competitive analysis, etc.
  4. Salary management – pay decision tools, salary administration guidelines, etc.

Our engagements can be designed to fit your immediate needs or integrate into the implementation of a fully HRIS program, such as an assessment of current program effectiveness, competitive analysis on key benchmark jobs, development of job descriptions or career path development, etc.

Specifically, Wilson Group will work with your organization to:

  • Identify and document career paths to support talent management and advancement opportunities for employees.
  • Establish a process to ensure internal fairness in pay and job responsibilities.
  • Create employee understanding and acceptance of the compensation decisions.
  • Develop customized tools for managers to utilize in recognizing employee competencies and performance.
  • Develop market information to increase your ability to attract and retain employees.

Client Illustration

A professional healthcare services company had grown to a point where there was a great deal of confusion about their current pay practices. We developed with them a salary structure, jobs titles, career ladders and market ranges to help them manage their pay, and communicate clear messages to employees emphasizing internal equity, market competitiveness and career path opportunities. The new base sale program established a foundation for other compensation programs and enabled them to maintain pay competitiveness with minimal effort, provided new information and tools for managers and increased their capabilities to effectively integrate new acquisitions.