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Employee Total Compensation

To be successful in attracting and retaining desired talent, your organization needs to examine both…

Executive Total Rewards

The marketplace for strong executive talent is always highly competitive. Positioning your executive…

Sales Incentive Compensation

Our goal is to guide the development of sales plans that will give your organization a competitive advantage and drive… 

“I reached out to the Wilson Group to help us in several key areas regarding our company’s compensation programs. We were expanding our sales team and wanted to ensure that our incentive pay and rewards were in line with the market. Our ability to retain and hire top sales talent was directly tied to this effort…”

Al Zink , Care.com

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Sales Incentives During Challenging Times

Sales Incentives During Challenging Times

by Susan Malanowski When revenue opportunities significantly drop unexpectedly due to external situations like Covid-19, many organizations’ sales pipelines begin to slow down, and revenue significantly shrinks. For other organizations, unexpected windfalls may occur...

What is the Next Normal?

What is the Next Normal?

by Tom Wilson and Larry Reissman There are those who believe that once the Covid-19 virus is contained, life will return to normal. But, after September 11, 2001, life did not return to what then was considered normal. What will life be like after this pandemic? This...

Recognition Programs in the New Workplace

Recognition Programs in the New Workplace

by Susan Malanowski Organizations are dealing with a variety of workplace changes during this “Interim Normal”. This includes employees who are wearing protective gear and/or social distancing while working in a company facility, employees working remotely and...