Why Wilson Group

Wilson Group is a boutique compensation consulting firm 

that specializes in working with clients to assess, design and implement integrated total performance compensation systems. Since our founding in 1994, we have worked with clients to translate their strategy into role descriptions, performance measures, policies, programs and practices. Not only do our clients have a stronger platform for making decisions and leading people, they achieve improved results.

Our Core Values

Since our beginning, we have held to a few key values and principles. We believe in:

Listening to what is said and “not” said, and understanding the critical and strategic needs of our clients.

Providing our clients with enduring solutions to the issues and challenges where we can make a difference – we can help you develop to the “next level.”

Addressing the issues that go beyond the singular focus on compensation and clarify or resolve those factors that are impacting the performance of the firm.

We have worked with over 100 companies in a wide variety of industries and have both a depth and breadth that is important to all our clients. We are flexible to provide our clients just the level of assistance they need, at a timing that supports their efforts. We can work with multiple levels in their organization, and develop communication and engagement strategies that minimize concerns and strengthen the sense of opportunity and confidence.

Why Companies Hire Us

Clients tell us that there are several reasons why they like working with us:

“You will work with highly seasoned individuals and people whose competence and style are something you can trust.” We are a team of highly experienced consultants that share a common set of values, complimentary capabilities and commitment to client’s success.

“You will work with a team and as a team and be an important client to them.” We are known for our high level of responsiveness, collaboration and commitment to meeting our client’s needs. Unlike other firms where you can get “lost in the bureaucracy,” you will be one of our most important clients.

“You will not only receive valuable information, you will understand its importance, implications and gain innovative solutions.” We do not prepare “boiler-plate” proposals, presentations, or reports. Our work with you will address what you need, it will be custom tailored to your requirements. We go beyond just providing in-depth information and expert advice — we provide strategies, solutions, and an action oriented spirit to deal with the changes needed by your organization.

“You will receive cost-effective results that make a real difference, and clearly demonstrate value that significantly exceeds the costs.” We understand the pressures and limitations of highly complex organizations. We do not need large-scale engagements from our clients. Our projects range in scope and timing that reflect the unique needs of our clients. We are also proud of our ability to meet your deadlines, budget commitments and quality of service requirements.

The Consulting Relationship

By combining this special style and expertise with your in-depth knowledge of your company and its unique capabilities, we produce meaningful and enduring solutions.

We take pride in training and building improved capabilities within our clients. This means that you can minimize on-going dependency on external resources by building the needed capabilities within your own organization. Finally, we work with some clients on project budget basis, others on a retainer basis, and others on a “time and materials” cost basis. It all depends on what you need and the nature of our services. Each relationship is different because the needs of each client are different.

We are proud of this reputation and would like to demonstrate it with you.