In two recent research studies on the reliability of connecting bonus programs for teachers to student achievement test score have found that there is no correlation between the performance of the teachers and the student’s test results.  The references for these two studies are provided below.  But, as a society and as highly committed educators, there must be a more effective way to link performance rewards with the contributions of teachers for the improvements in the learning and capabilities of our children.

The Wilson Group is working with the Town of Maynard Massachusetts to develop a more effective model for measuring and rewarding teacher performance.  Working with a Design Team representing teachers, principals, unions leadership and the Superintendent’s staff, this group is studying existing practices, research studies, various opinion perspectives and working on developing a model that will address the issues of student achievements and special performance awards for teachers.  The process is currently in the design phase and more information will be available as the group develops a both innovative and effective process.

NY Public School Perf Pay Report

POINT_Report_Executive_Summary – NCPI – Nashville