Monthly Archives: January 2013

Compensation Projections for 2013

This report provides information on the primary compensation actions taken in 2012 and the plans for 2013, examines merit pay plans and budgets, and shows how companies reward performance. It also summarizes the degree of change planned for annual bonus plans, sales compensation and equity awards. Fifty five companies responded to our survey, sponsored by Bose Corporation. This report provides critical information to companies as they finalize their 2013 plans or compare their plans to other leading companies.

Sales Compensation Practices: 2012-2013 Special Survey Report

Our report builds on and improves the information from our 2011 report, and includes valuable information on how companies structure and assess the key success factors of their sales compensation plans, overall and for three key positions. The survey includes information from 33 companies. The majority of companies come from four industries – technology (30% ) and consumer products/retail (24%), manufacturing (18%) and professional services (18%). We collected information, including actual salary and total target earnings, for three sales jobs: Direct Sales, Account Manager, and Channel or Distributor Sales Manager.