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Book Chapters

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Published Articles

“Employers Faced with Many Total Rewards Challenges in COVID-19 Aftermath” by Thomas B. Wilson and Larry Reissman, published in WorldatWork – Workspan Daily, June 2020.

“Goal Setting: What Has Gone Wrong and What Can Be Done?,” by Thomas B. Wilson, published in WorldatWork Journal, Third Quarter 2011.

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“Taking Variable Pay to a New Level,” by Thomas B. Wilson and Rug Altmansberger, accepted for publication in Workspan, published by WorldatWork, Scottsdale, AZ.

Wilson Group Papers

“Exempt Premium Pay – On Call/Standby” by Susan Malanowski

“The 5 Essential Drivers of Success for Sales Compensation Plans” by Tom Wilson

“The Wisdom of Base Pay Structures” by Susan Malanowski

“Per Diem Compensation Policies” by Rhonda Farrington and Susan Malanowski

“A review and summary of the book: The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do in life and business (Charles Duhigg, Random House, 2012)The Power of Habit” by Thomas B. Wilson

“When the CEO becomes Only the Chairman” by Thomas B. Wilson

“Credit Card Use for Business Expenses -Company vs. Personal Card” by Susan Malanowski

“Developing SMART Goals”  by Thomas B. Wilson

“Administrative Professionals Staffing Practices” by Susan Malanowski

“The Future of Talent Compensation: It’s Personal” By Allan Schweyer, Executive Director, Human Capital Institute. Contributors: Tom Wilson , president of The Wilson Group & Lauren Gifford, HCI

“Service Awards: How Companies Reward Loyalty” by Susan Malanowski

“Innovation Incentives: How Companies Foster Innovation” by Susan Malanowski

“Attracting, Retaining and Motivating Employees with Compensation”
by Susan Malanowski for Women Presidents Organization.

Ceridian Presentation “2017 Compensation Management Trends, Tools and Techniques”
by Tom Wilson for SHRM TriState Conference.

Tri-State Conference “Playing to Win: HR’s Hand in the New Business Game”
by Tom Wilson for SHRM TriState Conference.

“CEO Roundtable: 5 Essential Elements for Successful Sales Plans”
by Tom Wilson for Strategic HR Conference.

“Linking Compensation to Values-What Makes Incentive Pay Plans Work”
by Tom Wilson for Strategic HR Conference.

“Rewards that Work: Case Studies on Variable Pay Solutions”
by Tom Wilson for EANE (Employers Association of the North East).

“The New Normal – State of Pay and What’s Next”
by Tom Wilson for SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)Tri-State Conference.

“Say on Pay – Why Your Company Should Understand It, Whether You Have Shareholders or Not”
by Tom Wilson – Wilson Group and Robert Mattson – Workscape.

“What to Do Now! Developing Total Compensation Strategy in Today’s Reality”
by Tom Wilson for New England Compensation Consortium.

“The Impact of Compensation Programs on Hourly Employee Engagement”
by Susan Malanowski and Rhonda Farrington for EANE (Employers Association of the North East).

“Emerging from the Meltdown”
Forces that are Reshaping Executive Compensation, by Tom Wilson for Essex Partners, Boston, MA.

Wilson Group Sales Compensation Practices in Tech Companies – Survey Report 2019

Thirteen technology companies participated in this report of sales compensation practices. Most of the organizations are privately held and within $50M to $200M revenue range. Companies have headquarter locations in Massachusetts, Washington, Rhode Island and one outside US.

Topics examined in the survey included:

  • Change in Revenue/Headcount
  • Salary/Merit Increases
  • Sales Quota Methodology
  • Sales Quota Effectiveness
  • Percent of Salesforce Achieving/Exceeding Quota
  • Gross-ups or Add-ons to Individual Sales Quotas
  • Sales Crediting
  • Effectiveness of Sales Incentive Design
  • Effectiveness of Sales Communications
  • Changes to Plan Design

Trends in Compensation 2017-2018

Find out what other companies are planning for their total compensation practices in 2018. This report provides information and insights on economy and staffing projections, merit pay increases, base salaries, variable pay, sales compensation plans, equity based compensation and other forms of total rewards. Conducted in collaboration with Bose Corporation, this survey report includes information by company size and primary industries representing Technology, Retail and Consumer Products, Professional Services, Financial Services and Manufacturing.

Wilson Group 2017-2018 Sales Compensation Practices Survey Report

It is often said that if you put a “good” person into a “bad” system, the system will win every time. Because sales compensation plans have such a high influence on the behaviors and beliefs of the sales force, it is imperative that they work well for both the company and the sales people. This Report is the summary of our special survey conducted in the Fall of 2017 and we have included data from other studies on best practices and research on sales compensation. It includes information from technology, manufacturing, financial services, professional services and retail industries.

Severance and Paid-Time Off: Results from the Special Survey

We have been asked by numerous clients about what companies do when they are making staffing reductions due to acquisitions, reorganizations or changes in corporate direction. We conducted a special survey to examine Severance and Paid-time-off policies and practices to understand what organizations are doing today. What is the typical severance given to individuals terminated due to a reorganization? What is the amount of vacation time individuals can carry forward to the next year? We examined these policies and other areas as they apply to multiple levels within the organization. Forty five companies participated in this survey from a variety of industries including Technology, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Financial Services, Retail and more. These issues may not be a current priority, but when you need this information, this report will provide an easy to understand resource. You may also find a nugget of wisdom to give you a competitive advantage in the talent market.

Total Compensation Planning: Review of 2016 – Projections for 2017

This survey, conducted in collaboration with BOSE Corporation, was created to fill an important gap in information about compensation plans. As companies consider changes in their business strategies and develop their plans for 2017, it is often very important to examine the projections and trends regarding compensation plans. With the uncertainty of a new administration in Washington, it is important to examine what firms are considering regarding their talent and total compensation practices. This report provides information and insights on overall compensation plans – base salaries, variable pay, sales compensation plans, and equity based compensation and other forms of total rewards. We will look at current practices and the projections and plans for improvements for 2017.

Flexible Work Options Survey Report 

The Survey of Flexible Work Options was conducted by Wilson Group, Inc. The objective of this survey is to identify current policies and practices related to flexible work arrangements as well as changes to them for employees at organizations in New England.

The sources of information utilized in this report are:

  • New England Compensation Consortium members
  • Direct contact with Wilson Group Network
  • Direct requests to Boston area health plans
  • Published surveys and research

Report of Top Administrator Compensation in Massachusetts Independent Schools

This survey report provides competitive compensation information on the following top administrator positions in independent secondary schools in Massachusetts:

  • Head of School/President
  • Head of Finance/Business Manager
  • Principal/Head of School
  • Head of Advancement/Development
  • Head of Buildings/Facilities/Operations

This report provides detailed information by school and position collected from the public records (990 tax forms) filed by independent schools in Massachusetts and relevant matches from proprietary salary databases. In addition, this report contains confidential data on three schools that are not required to file 990 tax forms because of their religious affiliation.

The salary information from the 990 tax forms is reported by school and by position since it is public data. The information collected confidentially is only reported in aggregate with the 990 data.

Report of Executive Compensation in Orchestras and Performing Arts Centers

This report provides competitive compensation information on executive compensation for the top tier orchestras and performing arts centers. The information in this report should enable you to assess the competitiveness of the compensation paid to your organization’s executives, and determine strategies to continue to retain and reward these executives. This report provides the 25th, 50th and 75th percentile base salary, total cash compensation and total direct compensation as reported in the most current IRS 990 filings of these companies. The data is presented separately for orchestras and performing arts centers and then combined into a single data set. Data is presented on the following executives: 1. Top Executive – Chief Executive Officer/President/Executive Director/Managing Director 2. Chief Operating Officer 3. Chief Financial Officer 4. Chief Marketing Officer

Rewarding Sales Performance: Aligning Sales Effectiveness and Total Rewards in Times of Organizational Change

One of the groups most impacted during a major organizational change is the sales force. Changes in the functional responsibilities, sales process and sales compensation provide both significant challenges to retain the commitment of the sales force and new opportunities for process innovations and revenue growth. These types of organizational changes include:

    • A major realignment of the sales organization
    • A merger or acquisition of another organization with an established sales organization
    • A major shift in sales strategy
    • Changing sales account and market responsibilities
    • Creating or eliminating an independent sales organization
    • Divesting a part of the overall company whose products are currently sold by the existing sales force

Top Administrator Compensation in Independent Secondary Schools

This Report provides competitive compensation information on the top administrator positions in independent secondary schools in Massachusetts. It includes detailed information by school and position collected from the public records (990 tax forms) filed by independent schools in Massachusetts. In addition, this report contains confidential data on four schools that are not required to file 990 tax forms because of their religious affiliation who participated in a survey sponsored by Boston College High School. The salary information from the 990 tax forms is reported by school and functional title for 13 positions since it is public data, while independent school information was collected confidentially on their top four to five positions and is only reported in aggregate. The report will provide you with base salary, benefits and expenses for the following positions:

  • President/Head of School
  • Principal/Headmaster
  • Development
  • Finance
  • Admissions
  • Assistant Head of School
  • Assistant Headmaster
  • Athletic Director
  • College Counseling
  • Dean
  • Department Head
  • Facilities
  • Information Technology

This report is a valuable resource for those in secondary educational institutions who want to understand the market competitiveness of their top administrator’s compensation in a highly competitive market of independent schools.

Faculty Compensation and Benefits Survey of Secondary Schools 

This report provides comprehensive information on compensation and benefits in independent secondary schools in Massachusetts. The report summarizes the results of a special survey on salary structure practices, the annual salary and bonus levels by degree and experience, and benefits offered among 21 leading secondary institutions that was sponsored by Boston College High School and conducted by the Wilson Group. It will provide you with key information like:

  1. How many organizations have salary structures,
  2. What are the 25th, 50th and 75th percentiles of each level and step in the structure,
  3. How much money is awarded in the form of stipends and longevity bonuses,
  4. What is the cost sharing on benefit programs, and
  5. What are the most prevalent benefit plans offered.

It also compares salary structure pay levels of independent schools with public schools, and provides important analysis and commentary on the development of these programs. The Report is a valuable resource for those in secondary educational institutions who have or are considering developing faculty salary structures.

Market Research Findings: Hourly Employee Engagement and Reward Systems

The purpose of this study was to examine what companies are doing to improve their employee experience and engagement, and to examine what determines the best practices in these programs. We’ve identified the critical elements to engaging and improving the productivity of the hourly workforce, what makes reward systems effective in driving desired behaviors and performance, and have identified and described companies that have highly effective practices. This information can then serve to support the strategy and initiatives your company utilizes to achieve the desired improvements in performance.

The Wilson Group has developed a network of alliances and relationships with other organizations that provide capabilities well beyond what any single firm could possess. This enables us to be responsive to the broad array of your needs and provide integrated solutions to complex issues. These firms are the best at what they do, and together we provide a unique network of services.

Compensation Advisors:

Compensation Insights Corporation — Comprised of boutique-sized compensation consulting practices (including Wilson Group) based in key markets throughout the United States. Compensation Insights exists to help its clients find solutions to their growing or evolving compensation plans and structures. Currently has offices in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington.


Marsh & McLennan Agency — A full-service insurance, retirement, and risk management firm that specializes in providing proprietary solutions to small and middle market organizations dealing with the complexity of employee benefits and commercial insurance.

Larry Reissman, LLC — Larry has over 30 years of experience advising clients on a wide range of broad-based employee, incentive and executive compensation topics. Before starting his own firm, Larry led regional compensation practices for several human resource and compensation consulting firms. Larry Reissman LLC specializes in design of employee pay programs and executive compensation for tax-exempt organizations.

KMA Human Resources Consulting—Founded in 2007 and based in Falmouth, Maine, KMA will keep you on top of changing labor laws and Human Resources practices, staying in compliance with state and federal regulations, managing employee relations and engagement issues, training and developing staff, hiring and retaining top talent, and much more.

Dogan Pelzar Solutions—Kim Pelzar is an experienced HR professional with strengths in both strategy and execution in a wide array of industries. Dogan Pelzar Solutions provides strategic solutions to help leverage your human capital, so you obtain the greatest return on investment in your people. (HR Business Partnership, Strategy & Organizational Change, Talent Acquisition & Retention)

Compensation GPS—CompensationGPS provides a wide variety of compensation solutions for middle market to larger enterprises challenged with competing for talent, retaining and motivating their executives and employees.


BSG – Clark Waterfall—Clark Waterfall is the co-founder and Managing Director of BSG. Formerly known as Boston Search Group and founded in 1997, BSG is a boutique retained executive search firm focused on recruiting builder-leaders for growth sector industries.

Rita B. Allen Associates—Rita B. Allen Associates offers customized career management consulting and coaching services to individuals and organizations with specialties in: Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Career Coaching, Management Training, Team Coaching and Career Development.

Independent Stock Plan Advisors, LLC— A boutique consultancy of equity compensation experts skilled in creating and delivering sensible solutions to complex problems. With decades of stock plan industry experience, they have helped numerous companies address challenges that plan sponsors face in designing and operating globally offered stock-based compensation and benefits programs.

Keystone Partners— Keystone Partners has been helping individuals navigate career changes for more than two decades. They offer consistent, high-quality solutions for the most complex of career management challenges, including: career transition (outplacement) services, leadership development, executive coaching, team and team leader coaching, succession planning, career planning, customized training, meeting facilitation, executive assimilation, performance management and retirement planning.

Richard Levin & Associates—Richard Levin & Associates coaches and trains senior executives on the fundamentals of leadership in the digital age: communication, strategic marketing, motivation, interpersonal skills, and team building.

Stybel, Peabody and Associates— Stybel Peabody & Associates, Inc. helps companies grow without destroying what made the company great. Core services cover the continuum of the senior level employment life cycle – recruiting, outplacement consulting, and leadership coaching. Clients most appropriate for Stybel Peabody seek “out of the box,” customized, and pragmatic approaches to leadership change.

Professional Associations:

New England Compensation Consortium— New England Compensation Consortium (NECC) is a not-for-profit organization focusing on providing professional development and networking opportunities to our members.

National Association of Corporate Directors— the premier educational, publishing and consulting organization in board leadership and the only membership association for boards, directors, director-candidates and board advisors.

National Association of Stock Plan Professionals— The NASPP is a national organization dedicated to providing its members opportunities for professional and educational enrichment and advancement. Their members include compensation and human resources professionals, stock plan administrators, securities and tax attorneys, accountants, corporate secretaries, transfer agents, stock brokers and software vendors. They provide opportunities for networking, education and information through activities at nearly 30 local chapters, a national Annual Conference,  quarterly newsletters and their Web site.

National Center for Employee Owndership— a nonprofit organization that has been supporting the employee ownership community since 1981. Their mission is to help employee ownership thrive.

NEHRA— The New England Human Resource Group is the regional organization that addresses a wide range of concerns and needs for managing people. We have been members of this organization for years, and regularly participate in leading programs, seminars and conferences they offer. We believe that NEHRA continues to advance the capabilities of all organizations to better manage and develop their people.

SHRM— The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), founded in 1948, is the largest Human Resources industry professional association. SHRM represents more than 275,000 members in over 140 countries.

WorldatWork— This is the professional association dedicated to the compensation, benefits and work life experience of organizations globally. We are members of the association, are on their faculty of seminars, present and attend many of the regional and national conferences and support their development of programs and products that benefit organizations (and people) throughout the world.


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