Books, Articles & Papers

Books, Articles & Papers
Written by Members of the Wilson Group, Inc.


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“Goal Setting: What Has Gone Wrong and What Can Be Done?,” by Thomas B. Wilson, published in WorldatWork Journal, Third Quarter 2011.

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“Exempt Premium Pay – On Call/Standby” by Susan Malanowski, January 2019.

“The 5 Essential Drivers of Success for Sales Compensation Plans” by Tom Wilson, October 2014.

“The Wisdom of Base Pay Structures” by Susan Malanowski, June 2014.

“Per Diem Compensation Policies” by Rhonda Farrington and Susan Malanowski, December 2013.

“A review and summary of the book: The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do in life and business (Charles Duhigg, Random House, 2012)The Power of Habit” by Thomas B. Wilson, April 2013.

“When the CEO becomes Only the Chairman” by Thomas B. Wilson, February 2013.

“Credit Card Use for Business Expenses -Company vs. Personal Card” by Susan Malanowski, July 2012.

“Developing SMART Goals”  by Thomas B. Wilson, May 2011.

“Administrative Professionals Staffing Practices” by Susan Malanowski , updated September 2016.

“The Future of Talent Compensation: It’s Personal” By Allan Schweyer, Executive Director, Human Capital Institute. Contributors: Tom Wilson , president of The Wilson Group & Lauren Gifford, HCI; July 2008.

“Service Awards: How Companies Reward Loyalty” by Susan Malanowski, March, 2007.

“Innovation Incentives: How Companies Foster Innovation” by Susan Malanowski, September, 2007.